Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Q1. What is EROS NOW ?
A1. EROS NOW is a multi-content wap portal that has a wide variety of wap content like Wallpapers, Animations, Videos Full Tracks & full length movie available for the users to download.
Q2. What is product USP?
A2. It’s an only kind of portal that allow to the user to watch the full length movie that having massive library of Bollywood content.
Q3. What type of content is available on the portal?
A3. The below mentioned type of content would be available on the portal:
> Wallpapers
> Animations
> Full Songs
> Videos
> Full length movies
Q4. Is only Hindi language content available on portal?
A4. The EROS NOW portal is a multi-lingual portal which means regional language content would be available on the portal. Content related to following languages would be available on the portal:
> Hindi
> Tamil
> Malayalam
> Punjabi
> Sinhala (If available)
Q5. What would be the major genres of content that would be available?
A5. Content related to following genres would be available on the portal:
> Bollywood Movies
> Regional Language Movies
> Glamour
> News & Gossip
> Reality TV
Q6. What is the access URL for the portal?
A6. m.erosnow.com
Q7. Is it a subscription portal or a pay per download portal?
A7. It would be a subscription based product
Q8. What is the subscription price point?
A8. Please below find below grid.
> RM4- ErosW (Weekly)
> RM10-ErosM (Monthly)
Q9. Are the songs on the portal full length?
A9. Yes the songs are full length